FOSSIL FIND Domino Board Game-Buy Now

  • Remove and Replace Artifacts.
  • Lose Artifacts on some spaces and Find Artifacts on other spaces.
  • Choose the Artifacts that you want from the Grave Site.
  • Use custom domino tiles to help you get a scoring hand.
  • Watch out for Grave Robbing and Natural Disaster spaces.

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Check Out The FOSSIL FIND Game Board Below:

FOSSIL FIND gameboard-3D

Check Out The FOSSIL FIND Customized Game Tiles Below:

Fossil Find Game Tiles

Uses 6 pawns and 2 dice!

Fossil Find Game Pieces and Dice

FOSSIL FIND domino board game

Players: 2-8 Players
Ages: 18 and Up

You and your friends will be playing a fun and engaging game…

FOSSIL FIND domino board game

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